Typing into the void


Hello. Is there anyone there? Will there ever be anyone reading these words? I have no idea.

I have just finished my second year at a UK university studying Occupational Therapy. Our lecturers have recommended that we use social networking and blogging to improve our employability. I very grandly heralded my second year as my ‘year of employability’ ( I sound like a tourism board) as I thought in third year I would be far too busy trying to get the best grades I could. So this year I’ve done voluntary work and one-off projects to make myself look more attractive to employers.

Yes, I definitely want to be more employable when I graduate so I add ‘start an OT blog’ it to my list of ‘oughts and musts’ (along with drinking 2 litres of water a day, eating 5 fruit and veg a day, and exercising for 30 minutes a day). So here I am. The thing is, I’m not a sharer. My last job was all about helping other people so I find it strange talking about myself. I’m the sort of person who, at the hairdressers, starts asking the hairdresser questions about themselves “Yes I’m going across the Andes by unicycle with Michael Palin for 3 weeks, but that’s boring. Have YOU got any holidays planned?” Also what can people learn from me? I haven’t qualified yet!

I talked this over with one of my media-savvy friends, who has to use twitter and blogs as part of his job. I asked him what the benefits were and he said that it’s all about putting up your shop front. Apparently in the current jobs market employers are asking to see Facebook profiles (or probably Googling you), so it’s better that you show them a professional, considered site rather than pictures of you inside pubs or what you had for your tea. He added that it’s a great way of networking and gets your name known “OT process? Yes I know her-she writes a great OT blog. Get her in for an interview immediately!” If anyone is there, let me know how a professional blog improves employment prospects.

So here I am, typing into the void about becoming an occupational therapist and what happens along the way. I would love to hear your thoughts about anything I write about, even if it’s just to let me know that the void is typing back.

So here we go, with much trepidation…


17 thoughts on “Typing into the void

  1. I’m reading it. Its always interesting to see how OT is viewed by different people and especially students who are seeing it for the first time. Keep going, I’m interested to see how it develops.

    • Thanks again for your comments nikkihidingonthesofa, I would be interested to know if you feel that students’ view OT in a different way than qualified OT’s. (e.g. more ideological, more theoretical, or even unrealistic).

      • I will have to keep reading to see if my perception is right. I would assume it would be slightly more supported by theory in a way. I think personally I do what I know works but am in a bit of a pattern which is hard to link back to the theory I learned a few years ago.
        Also I think I get a bit focused on the limitations we have because of the system so don’t push new ideas because I don’t have time or don’t think the system would let them happen. As students I hope you still have this motivation and new idea and I encourage you to help drive the profession forward with new ways of doing things.

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  3. Hello there, I realise this post is a few months old but I opened up a wordpress account yesterday and published my first post. I have been using Twitter for professional use, I find that very useful. I would certainly recommend giving my blog a read to understand how you can get involved in an OT community online, I’m a student and myself still learning.

  4. Hi! I just graduated from the Springfield College OT program in Springfield, MA, USA. I just found this blog tonight! I look forward to reading more. Keep writing! This is a great resource for everyone!

  5. This is a fantastic blog! Thank you so much for sharing all these valuable posts. I am a newbie to blogging but wanted to track my OT experience on Erasmus. I am feeling a little in confident about how to write a post about more OT ‘stuff’ is it ok to put a reference or two in? Any advice would be really appreciated:)

    • Hi, thanks for your lovely comments, great to have you reading the blog. Good luck with your Erasmus placement! Yes definitely put references in, I’ve got refernces in some of my posts. My advice would be write something that you would like to read. I’ve written some posts on writing and creating an OT blog, if you would like to take a look.

  6. Hello Helen just working on linking to some OT blogs can I have your permission to link please? It’s for our Learning Zone developments at COT and we may or may not be able to progress this aspect for various reasons. if we can do I have your go ahead? Greetings from Zoe at COT

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