Rail Fails and Hails

Grab rails.  A staple part of our job and very helpful to individuals. Not when they are in the wrong place though!  Have you seen a Rail Fail;  any badly situated grab rails? Or a Rail Hail; a lovely toilet with excellent grab rail placement?

This is designed to get you thinking about where grab rails should go.

Please note these are public toilets and NEVER patient/individuals toilets.


This grab rail is so far away that you can’t actually grab it when you get off the toilet


the drop down lever on the right is ok but how would you grab the vertical grab rails when they are behind you?


Bravo! A well situated grab rail on either side. They also had vertical grab rails either side of the sink for hand washing.

Read This Tripadvisor review which MUST have been written by an OT about a disabled hotel room.