I started this blog wanting to help people but thinking that probably no one would read it (see my first post-typing into the void). I was overwhelmed with how many OT blogs were out there and thought my contribution would make a very small splash, if any at all. I am very humbled to have people link to my work and find my posts useful. Please can you let me know if you are linking to my blog, as it’s great for my continuing professional development file.

Placement Module Handbook (PPL3 Transition to Practice 2015-16)Sheffield Hallam University.

Thank you for Jude Mitchell to include my blog on the reading list for students on their practice placement 3. It’s nice to have a link back to Sheffield Hallam as I am a former student of the university (a long, long time ago). I have fond memories of Collegiate Crescent from my psychology degree.

Oxford Brookes University OT society

Thank you for recommending my blog to your students.

Thanks to BAOT/COT for adding me onto their World OT blog map on Pinterest

University of Salford OT Facebook page

Thank you for sharing my blog post on how to apply for OT courses. Thanks for letting me do a guest post about preparing for placements on your blog 

Thanks to Hannah from OT Over sea for her kind words and link to my blog.

Eat.Sleep.Love OT blog Thanks for referencing my blog in your post about the Kawa river model.

Anne Moreau: Merci pour le mention dans votre blog au sujet du modele Kawa. Excusez mon Francais terrible!

Thanks to Michael Iwama for the kind comments on my blog post about the Kawa model and his shares on social media. Thank you to for featuring my post on their site.  Also, thanks to Brock for the kind reblog about the Kawa model on his MH4OT blog .Both of these gave my blog a much needed boost at the time I was starting out. Not to mention Kawa Creative.

Thanks to The Kawa Model Blogspot for having my post about the Kawa model as one of your featured links. Thanks to Emerge Supervision Services in NZ for linking to my Kawa post.

Thanks to Astor Bannerman for the share and link to my blog. I’m glad you’ve found it informative!

Also thanks to the University of Bradford who has put a link to my Kawa post on their blackboard page for students to read in their OT in Action module. I can’t believe I was your homework!

Thanks to Jamestown Community College for adding my Kawa post onto your Blackboard page on Mindfulness, Yoga and the Kawa model.

A big thanks to the people at Pearson Education for reading my blog and inviting me to do an online seminar at their online OT conference.

Thanks to OT students Get Connected Facebook page for your lovely comments on my compassionate letter to OT students post.  Thank you to the University of Bradford OT course who gives my compassionate letter out to the 3rd years at the start of the year!

Thankyour to Ellen E. Del Valle for referencing my Kawa post in your Capstone dissertation here

Thanks to RCOT for including me in their recommendations for resources on reflective practice

Also thanks to NUI Galway, Western Michigan University, Akmi Metropolitan College, Brunel University, Creighton University, University of Essex, Australian Catholic University, Illinois Central College, York St John University and Eastern Washington University.  I can see that you’ve linked to something on my blog on your blackboard/e-learning/Moodle page. I have no idea what it is, please could you let me know.

Apologies if you’ve linked to me and I haven’t given you a mention, I’ll keep adding to the page as I find them. Thanks to all for reading, I really do appreciate anyone stopping by and having a look.

Best wishes